Demystifying technology

Decoded was founded on the belief that technology is for everyone.

The founding team created Code_in a Day to empower people with an understanding of how the products we work and play with are made. Since 2011, we have taught over 15,000 professionals in over 70 cities globally.

Our products

Our Products

We use the word ‘product’ broadly at Decoded. For us, a product is anything from a little app that lets you create strong passwords to a 1000+ person leadership event.

We build products that are inspirational, hands-on and simple. This means telling human stories, giving people the time to play, and making things clear, accessible and most importantly, memorable.

We couldn’t make these products without our people.

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Our Culture

We have cultivated an environment where we attract and bring together talented, driven and diverse individuals to work towards a single mission — make innovative technology education that is transformative for everyone.

We value that our people bring different cultures, backgrounds and personalities to Decoded and those differences shape how they think, and the products we make.

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Our Culture
Our venues

Our Spaces

We host our classes in incredible venues that leave attendees feeling inspired about technology and energised by their learnings.

We aim to recreate our Decoded spaces wherever we are.

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