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Digital Enlightenment

At Decoded, we believe that Digital Enlightenment is attainable for everyone and anyone.

Digital Enlightenment transforms individuals in organizations, empowering people and giving them a fundamental understanding of the technologies behind the screen.

This freedom empowers employees, and cultivates an environment rich with constructive & creative discussions about technology which in turn leads to increased efficiency across the whole business.

Digital Enlightenment is a strategy that, when adopted, can transform a whole company.

On a personal level, this freedom empowers individuals to question technology, disrupt it and dismantle it. It equips us with the tools we need to interrogate and exploit the technological advancements that are being made every day, turning us from consumers to creators.

It has opened up my understanding of the digital world. What was once a mystery now seems so clear. Like that bit in the matrix where he takes the blue pill.

Craig Mawdsley Head of Planning AMV BBDO

Decoded facilitators chatting in our New York Space