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Digital Enlightenment

A word of mouth phenomenon, Decoded has been 100% grown through the evangelism of our alumni.

The appetite and need for digital literacy and skills is universal.

Our alumni include some of the most esteemed businesses and brands in the world and some of the most exciting new talent and start-ups.

Decoded has taught thousands of professionals across every industry and sector:

Attending Decoded was like being let into the magic circle. Before the world of code and digital design was a complete mystery to me. I now know how they cut the lady in half.

Paul Bainsfair - Director General IPA,

Everyone in business today needs to get a grip on this. We are sending strategists, creatives and some team management people. When we have a better-than-skin-deep understanding of technology, two things happen: we have better ideas and we also treat our internal and external partners in a considerably more effective manner.

Mel Exon - Chief Digital Officer, BBH & Co-founder, BBH Labs,
  • Advertising

      • It has opened up my understanding of the digital world. What was once a mystery now seems so clear. Like that bit in the matrix where he takes the blue pill.

        Craig Mawdsley - Joint Head of Planning,
      • I would say that the whole day was unremittingly enjoyable and rewarding! The trainers were all engaged and interesting, and my fellow pupils were a diverse bunch -- it was good to spend time with people I'd never normally meet. I can boast to my friends that I made an app! I feel enlightened and that's a good feeling.

        Emma Hall - London Editor,
      • An absolutely brilliant introduction, not just to 'how to code' but to the entire digital world we live in today; how it was first born and how it's evolved over time. It's no exaggeration to say that, in terms of learning curve, this is the single most useful day of professional training I've ever been on.

        Becky Russell - Strategic Business Lead,
      • An absolutely essential day for anyone working within or on the peripherals of technology

        Jamie Behbahani - Ventures Analyst,
      • Decoded allowed me to peek under the bonnet of the internet in a fun and interesting way, I would thoroughly recommend it

        Peter Wardle - ,
      • Decoded reinvents the training format whilst giving genuine context to language of the web. Charming trainers and imaginative setting combine to persuasive effect. The workshop excels both as a refresher course and first contact with code. Highly recommended.

        Adam Powers - Head of user experience,
      • Everyone in business today needs to get a grip on this. We are sending strategists, creatives and some team management people. When we have a better-than-skin-deep understanding of technology, two things happen: we have better ideas and we also treat our internal and external partners in a considerably more effective manner.

        Mel Exon - Chief Digital Officer, BBH & Co-founder, BBH Labs,
      • I learned a lot. I'll better understand the pieces of data visualisation that I come into contact with on the web or in publications... Getting our hands dirty with code was great. It's really satisfying to make something at the end of the day and there was wonderment when we fired up our personal social data and learned about our friends worlds.

        Mareka Carter - Advertising Art Director/Copywriter,
      • Decoded does what it says on the tin - it unlocks the code of code which is an essential part of modern communications. I understood better at a conceptual level the technologies that I talk so much about and I loved the fact that I got my hands dirty digitally and developed a multi-platform app myself within a day!

        Amelia Torode - Head of Venture Strategy and Innovation,
      • What an amazing day - I felt like an excited teenager to be creating something working on the web out of so little in so little time. I'm inspired to go and build on these basis to get better. Frankly, I think this should be a compulsory part of the school curriculum!

        Ollie Mustill - Senior Account Manager,
      • Interesting, inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable. I'd recommend Decoded to anyone - even my Mum would enjoy it... Best 1-day course I've been on.

        Dan Shone - Copywriter,
      • This has to be one of the best courses I've gone on and I can't wait to get started on doing my own coding. I'm not a techy type of person but this really caught my imagination.

        Graham Ellor - Principal Planner,
      • I learned more about the internet in one day than I have in 15 years of using it.

        Pippa Wright - Author and Publisher,
      • I was very sceptical prior to the session but it's a brilliant way of making people understand what's involved in coding and be a little more appreciative of the extraordinary complexity involved in coding seemingly simple things!

        Chris Pinnington - Global COO,
      • The whole day was fantastic. I found the entire team to be extremely knowledgeable and, most importantly, patient with all the beginners. They took a complex subject and discipline and broke it down to the easiest and most understandable terms.

        Frank Mangano - CFO - North America & New York,
      • Decoded was one of our team's most enjoyable team-training days ever. We all learnt a huge amount and enjoyed the day tremendously.

        Patrick Armitage - Acct Director, Global Marketing,
      • I would HIGHLY recommend Decoded to all my friends and colleagues. Not only is it a lot of fun-- I spent the day highly engaged -- but I came away with a very tangible and practical skill set that had been built from scratch that day. The teachers are excellent, the structure of the day keeps things fresh, and by the end of the day I found myself with a decent understanding of the previously wholly mysterious world of the online environment in which I spend most of my day.

        Isabel Gottlieb - Global Communications Account Executive,
      • Decoded lived up to all of the hype! They literally decoded the world of coding into plain English and gave me the tools and a solid base to explore the field on my own.

        Gabrielle Low - New Biz AAE,
      • I don't know how else to say it, but everyone should take this class. It's one of those things where you just want to slap your forehead and say "Duh!" Of course!" They make a tough subject brilliantly simple.

        Heidi Waldusky - Creative Director,
      • In one day the world of digital has been made much less fuzzy. So many 'aha' moments I lost count during the day

        Ben Matthews - Senior Planner,
      • You have to take this course if you create ideas in our digital world. If you're an art director, designer or writer you’ll appreciate your developers more, but most importantly, you’ll be able to collaborate in better ways. What an amazing day. Yes, you really will learn to code in one day - and you’ll have fun! The teachers are amazing. I will seek out more learning. I'm not sure I'm a coder, but I'm going to give it a go. At the very least to grasp it more conceptually. I think we need to train Account folks on coding; not to create code, but to understand the process and craftsmanship that goes into it so they can better manage clients and understand that GOOD coding takes time.

        Rob Rich - EVP, GCD,
      • I have always had respect for developers but now that respect has been taken to another level. But the most important thing I learned was how they view a brief and the break down of function, variables and logic... I will begin to integrate the two more and work closer with my dev counterparts through out the process. I loved this course. I would recommend it to anyone with zero knowledge on coding. It provides the perfect overview of the history of code, while providing a hands on experience in learning how to develop a web app and how it should be approached. A great learn-by-doing course with fabulous teachers. Thank you!

        Priya Shah - SVP, Director User Experience,
      • Decoded is a very effective and inspiring one day training. It removes contact barriers with the "digital world", makes it comprehensive and dissects the components. I feel like I learned a new language and I am able to say hello, order a drink, get invited to a party and find my way home in this new country...

        Uli Barth - Regional Operations Director P&G Latinamerica,
      • It'll impact my work in a way where I can easier understand what's happening at the backend of all the digital projects I'm working on. It'll make me more capable of judging whether or not an idea is feasible or can be done within a certain timeframe.

        Henrik Dufke - Creative,
      • I understand it all a lot better now. From JavaScript to CamelCasing, I feel that at work I'll be able to keep up with conversations that previously felt foreign.

        Susan Hosking - Creative Director,
      • The coding itself has made such an impact already on my creative ideas and whether things are possible, how long they will take and how they can be done.

        Laila Milborrow - Art Director,
      • I really feel like I could talk credibly to a coder, given we can now actually speak the same language.

        Sophie Griffiths - Account Director,
      • Simply put - Fantastic. It is a great course, in a relaxed enviroment, run by truly inspirational people. I feel more empowered in my role and am looking forward to practicing what I've learnt at every given opportunity.

        Guy Wolfenden - Operations Director,
      • It opened my eyes to the amount and ease of access to my data and how my friends' data is connected to mine... The Decoded team spoke in my language to introduce me to the world of social data, and its possibilities for my clients and teams.

        Will Harvey - Creative Lab Technologist,
      • Decoded taught me as much about coding as I could have possibly hoped in one day, which is to say a great deal. The course has hugely evolved the conversations I am now able to have at work. A stunning location, a wonderful lunch, and the latest Macbook Airs to play with did no harm to the overall experience.

        Matt Vickers - Account Director,
      • It was the best training day I've ever been on.... and will have a lifelong impact on how I feel about the web. In exchange for 8 hours of my time, I walked out of Decoded feeling 100 times more able to engage with clients on technical and complex digital discussions than I did when I walked in.

        Sophie Payne - New Business Director,
      • Decoded have 'Digital Enlightenment' stickered in tiny lettering on their windows. Two little words have never spoken so true.

        Anthony Harris - Account Manager,
  • Consulting

      • The Decoded experience was valuable to our entire Investment Committee. It gives us a better knowledge base to be able to evaluate potential new investments and portfolio companies, and provides a higher level of credibility in the marketplace.

        Karen McCormick - Partner,
      • The most rewarding aspect was definitely building a multi platform solution by yourself and seeing it work before your eyes...Those 'aha' moments of understanding why something works the way it does, and when you begin to write your own piece of code and see if come to fruition in front of your eyes.

        Ciaran Burke - consultant,
      • It completely demystified what happens behind the scenes of web content; a must for anyone who doesn't want to feel illiterate in this day and age.

        Fernando Balzaretti - Entrepreneur First- Programme Development Manager,
      • Decoded is an invaluable introduction to the digital world, how it has developed and how it effects all of us as business people. It is a stimulating day combining learning about the fundamentals underpinning the internet with real hands on experience of writing code and building your own digital offering.

        James Robson - Director,
      • Coding, the web and the internet are such a vital part of our lives to understand. The Code in a Day course means that by the end of the day you don't just understand better, you're actually coding! I think everyone should do it.

        Rachael Marsh - Head of Case Work,
      • I cannot recommend Decoded highly enough. It opens the door to a world you knew was important but never really thought you could enter. It is amazing what you can learn in a day!

        Tommy Stadlen - Project Director,
      • A fantastic course worthy of anyone's time - both fun and comprehensive in content, I left Decoded feeling inspired and more confident about my ability to code in the future. The teachers, facilities and setup of Decoded made for a great learning environment!

        Antonia Redgrove - Business Developer,
  • Education

      • It is great to see the work that you are doing and the compassion that you have about the topic. You are very inspiring and encouraging. You have given me a lot and I plan to use every part of it!

        Saphina Siddiq - KS5 ICT Coordinator,
      • All credit to the team at Decoded for a very motivating and inspiring session! I have come away feeling very positive and much more confident teaching code to my students this year. Keep up the good work guys!

        Greg Rees - ICT/Computer Science Teacher,
      • A really genuine warm, knowledgeable and authentic style of delivery. I've been to hundreds of training courses and this was really top class.

        Ian Fordham - Co-founder, The Education Foundation,
      • I found the whole approach and philosophy behind the course to be extremely effective. I was able to take what I learnt that day and transfer the teaching and learning model to the classroom where my Year 9 students immediately engaged with creating their own websites. I'm very grateful to Ali and the team for helping me develop my skills and for providing a relevant and engaging framework that I could take away to teach school pupils to code.

        James Stanforth - Head of Computing and Digital Education,
      • I thoroughly enjoyed my day, although I do not have an IT background and am a bit of a novice, I found the way the coding was broken down, simple and straight forward. I was not overwhelmed by the course content as there was plenty of time given to work on problem solving in pairs, and two very able teachers on hand for support. The course is very exciting, and with the knowledge you are privy to, you feel like you have just been armed with secrets, which only a select few have access to. It's great that the decoded team are happy to share and wanting to engage the youth from as early as possible. Thank you.

        Natalie Renford - School Business Manager,
      • Decoded is already in a great place to champion how learning code is developed and achieved. If you get the opportunity to do the one day courses at Decoded, grab it with both hands.

        Anthony Lawrence - IT Manager,
      • We learnt in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The trainers were great and the teaching style made the concepts easier to digest and apply. I now have the confidence to start coding myself, and to introduce it much more into my teaching. 5/5!

        Katherina Grant - Head of ICT and Computing,
      • Before spending the day with Decoded, I had dabbled with Dreamweaver using templates constructed by others and had tried to understand the scripting behind it. I now feel really confident about starting from scratch and whilst I have a lot to learn, I am confident that I can do so.

        Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds - Pro Vice Chancellor Education,
      • I was refreshed to find that the course ignited in me a passion, curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject matter at a level that I wasn't expecting. I haven't stopped talking about the day since, and have resolved to now find the time to create my first website - coded by hand!

        Laura Hodgson - Senior Associate,
      • ...Decoded – small start up near Silicon roundabout - claims to be able to teach you to code in one day – which sounded perfect for someone like me with a hectic schedule and low attention span. And as if by magic – within a few hours - I had written a small responsive design, web based app that worked out automatically where you were...

        Nic Newman - Digital Media Strategist,
      • I loved the whole course. It was such an eye opener. I have now downloaded Coda and will practise coding in my spare time so I don't forget what I have learned.

        Deborah Akinpelu - Project Manager,
      • Decoded training is a must for anyone in the areas of creativity. With the continuous growth in digital technology, coding is part of everyone’s future.

        Olly Wood - Art Director,
      • The practical element was extremely enjoyable from my complete beginners point of view. The team have definitely made me want to find out more. Thank-you for opening my eyes.

        Janet Gibson - IT teacher,
      • Decoded have been able to cut through a lot of what I perceive to be the industry shroud over the subject and have given me a real appetite to learn more. Before the session I was convinced that I would never be a very good programmer, now I feel confident that I could teach KS3 students the basics. Superb and highly recommended!

        Khristian Serrano - Head of Business Studies & Computing,
      • Seeing how all the pieces fit together helped me make a lot more sense of all of the jargon I'd been hearing for years - now it's useful! Being able to break that big picture down into it's component parts means I have a much greater sense of *how* it's done, which is going to help me immensely in using technology creatively to solve problems. The amount you learn in one day is honestly amazing and very empowering for anyone who's aware of the power of technology but currently feels stuck on the outside.

        Khristian Serrano - Head of Business Studies & Computing,
      • Fantastic workshop that clearly removed the myth that coding is the preserve of the geeky!

        Sebastian Stoddart - Co-Founder,
      • I had a great day, the teachers were really friendly and helpful; I felt comfortable, had fun and learnt a lot too! Thank you for showing me that coding isn't a mysterious thing, but something that anyone can learn, and thank you for giving me the tools to take my own learning further.

        Amy Goodall - Outreach Officer,
      • A fantastic course in which to learn the history and basics of coding delivered by friendly, approachable trainers in a relaxed atmosphere. Creating my own app was extremely rewarding.

        Fran Turner - Operations Project Manager,
      • An excellent investment to my professional development. The development of the new computing curriculum seems far less daunting with the ideas and skills I picked up from the session. A nice a relaxed environment to learn. Thank you for an amazing day.

        Nazneen Chadee - Head of Computing/ ICT,
      • A great, relaxed introduction to code which enabled everyone to get something practical from the day. Well worth the time.

        Andrew Thomas - Director,
  • Entertainment

      • I was tweeting about it as soon as I left. I didn't think it was going to be that relevant to me personally, but that perception quickly changed within the first hour of the day. The casual teaching style meant that it was a heavy going classroom session, but there was a lot of content on offer, pitched at just the right level. Each person in the workshop had a different level of experience with data, from the completely uninitiated, to those who ran businesses dealing in it - and yet it was a really cohesive workshop environment. There was the right mixture of science, art - and a little bit of spectacle thrown in for good measure. I've already told some of the other departments in my office that they should consider going to the next one.

        Mark St. Andrew - Content Manager,
      • The course was fantastic! I felt like I was getting an excellent experience. It was a great mixture of being 'taught' in a very accessible and structured format, and of hands-on practical experience. The environment - light, airy, spacious, sofas, big screens etc. - was perfect, as was the group size and, of course, the food was excellent. But most importantly, the knowledge and style of the facilitators was great. In terms of all round experience and knowledge learnt, this was one of the best day courses I've been on!

        Duncan Jones - Performance Systems Manager,
      • The break up of the day was perfect - a good balance between lecturing and 'hands-on' activities. It was a terrific experience and one I found extremely valuable. I now have a better understanding of code and feel I can communicate more easily with members of our development team. I also have a better understanding of the time frames certain work we are about to carry out will take. Learning to code in a day may sound unlikely, but the folks at Decoded de-geek the mystique and make it accessible for everyone. You'll leave with a greater understanding of how websites and apps work and feel more confident working in the increasingly digital landscape most companies now find themselves operating in. Highly recommended.

        Mark Gilbert - Head of Editorial Content,
      • Code doesn't now look like a Martian language. - I will have greater confidence in talking to programmers - It's also given me enough knowledge to want to know more....Whether you want the confidence to talk to programmers or the inspiration to become one, Decoded is essential learning.

        Richard Fearn - Director,
      • My Decoded course allowed me to break through a barrier most people will face in the current web space and that barrier is simple understanding. You may not use all of the skills you are taught personally, but you will want to by the end of the course.

        Paul Craig - Owner,
  • Finance

      • The day gave a great taster. It's made what could be a dull subject (cue the image of the programmer that sits in a corner with headphones) into something really fun an interesting. It's made me want to do more. What was great about it is that everyone in the group was new to code, so when we tried to solve the problem together, it was a real melting pot of ideas and everyone contributed equally.

        Cecile Midrouillet - PA to Marketing Director,
      • Decoded make coding accessible, interesting and surprisingly cool!

        Joseph Abou-jaoude - Associate,
      • I came to Decoded with high expectations having heard and read such great things. I left with Decoded having beaten my expectations by far. I would highly recommend this day to anyone who wants to open the lid on the world of coding.

        Jack Burrows - Digital Banking Consultant,
      • Most interactive, informative and productive training session I have ever received!

        Shane Conneely - Consultant,
      • The day was absolutely brilliant- one of the best training courses I've ever been on, in terms of the content itself, and the enthusiasm and encouragement from the trainers.

        Ben Ginger - Project Manager,
      • It was an extremely useful day that packed in a wide breadth of ideas without feeling rushed. I came out of the day buzzing with new ideas for how to improve our analytics and data usage. Plus it was great fun!

        Dan Kellett - Director of Statistics,
      • Many aspects contributed to a top-rate experience: the structure of the day; pace just right; the space; the food; the macs; Sam; the ideas covered of course; plus the aftercare by way of files & resources

        Caroline Fox - Chartered Accountant,
      • Decoded provided a fascinating insight into the web and how it's put together. It's an absolute must for anyone working on the business side of a digital organisation to help strengthen conversations with development teams.

        Steven Hicks - Senior Mobile Banking Manager,
      • Coding is now not the preserve of techies with 10,000 hours of experience and expertise. For me, it was akin to the first time I went scuba diving: the sense of wonder as you dip below the waves for the first time and the true landscape of the sea bed is revealed.

        Alliott Cole - Principal,
      • It's the most I've learnt in a day since a sex education in 1982. Only this time the information is genuinely useful and relevant to my everyday rather than the video of two chickens that left me confused for years.

        Jason Stockwood - CEO,
  • Gaming

      • Decoded is done in a wonderfully lyrical and intuitive way. It’s really well taught and hands on.

        Matthew Ovington - UX Architect,
      • You proved me that it's possible to learn to code in one day. It was a very enjoyable day and structured very well. I'm confident about what I've learned and I can't wait to start coding. Thank you!

        Aga Golebiewska - Online Researcher,
      • The mystery around coding has been dissolved and I'm genuinely inspired to learn more coding where possible.

        Josefine Fox - PA/Marketing Executive,
      • Great day, feel much more confident in dealing with coders and programmers now. Venue and teachers were fantastic, well worth going to. Loved the experience.

        Fiona Parfrey - Online & Marketing Graduate,
  • Government

      • I'm in awe of how clever our developers are! Even the simplest interactions are so intricate and demand a type of logic that doesn't come naturally to me. It's whetted my appetite to have a go at doing more myself!

        Louise Oakham - Deputy head UX,
      • I gained confidence in knowing what can be done and ensuring requirements for future projects are clearer. I also would be more interetsed in gaining more experience and knowledge in coding and am seriously thinking about a new career direction.

        Andrew Green - Business Analyst and GIS Analyst,
      • Decoded team have put together a unique course that really makes the potentially arcane world of coding relate to the real world of great apps that make our life better.

        Steven Bonner - Digital Marketing Manager,
  • Insurance

      • It was really interesting to properly understand what each language does/is capable of. I have been in this industry for ten years and I now finally understand! It was really satisfying seeing something in a browser that I had created...I want more!

        Katie Reed - Online Marketing Consultant,
      • The Code in a Day course exceeded my (high) expectations by far. I knew nothing about coding. I expected the day to educate me to the point where I could make a start. In fact by the end of the day I'd already made a start, and then some, in coding.

        Danny Callaghan - Business Manager,
      • If you embrace the web, and want to take a day to look under the bonnet to understand it better, then no better way than to spend the day at Decoded on this course. I learnt so much, they're an inspiring group of people

        Nigel Barton - Non-Executive Director,
  • Marketing & PR

      • The training staff were fantastic and the pace of the day was brilliant. It starts of slowly enough not to put you off but by the end of the day things were moving quick enough to replicate the stress I imagine most developers feel with clients breathing down their necks. I was sceptical that they would be able to cover off everything that was needed in the one day session, but have left with a whole new skill set and a much fuller understanding of the digital space.

        Simon Adamson - Group Account Director,
      • Loved the fact we could access our website afterwards to show friends and family. Food was also amazing and nice touch to offer a glass of wine at the end to tie everything up. The room itself was great, really well laid out, bright and engaging.

        Michelle Stoodley - Senior Account Manager,
      • Decoded did a great job opening up the world of code for us and giving us a whole new toolbox of skills. Coding is a language like any other and you have to learn the method and the rules - and Decoded made the process fun, engaging and simple. I came away from the course newly evangelised - happy coding!

        James Burstall - CEO,
      • You won’t believe what is possible in a single day...too many training days over-promise and under-deliver. Decoded makes an outrageous promise - learn to code in a day - and then remarkably delivers on it. Astonishing!

        Tony Regan - Consultant,
      • A highly productive day that fundamentally changed the way I approach tech related projects -- highly recommended for anyone who deals with technology in their day to day job (or even for those who only occasionally deal with technology).

        Tiffany Steffens - Senior Project Manager & Strategist,
      • Learning to code in a day is totally possible when you're in the hands of Decoded. They make coding really exciting and are extremely encouraging. I had a great day and learnt a lot that I'll be able to use in both my work and personal life.

        Arianna Radji - Events Manager,
      • As a group, we had a fantastic day at Decoded. The day has obviously been really carefully planned and structured to ensure you're able to gain a great deal of knowledge around coding, how it has developed and the uses of certain programming languages. I certainly feel a lot more assured and confident in this area, loved the sense of achievement of building my own app. My Decoded experience will definitely impact how I approach web development, how confident I feel in discussions with developers and will probably have an impact on staffing and the importance we place on the web as a company.

        Emily Hare - Managing editor,
      • Just the right pace, size of group and balance between presentation and hands on stuff. And you are all lovely people too!

        Alex Butler - Founder, Creative Activist,
      • I think this course was way more than coding. It opened my eyes to the engine room of the net, and all the extraordinary people who are working hive like to optimise our world. Very inspiring, and practical - a rare combination for any training course.

        Leigh Thomas - CEO,
      • Attending Decoded was like being let into the magic circle. Before the world of code and digital design was a complete mystery to me. I now know how they cut the lady in half.

        Paul Bainsfair - Director General IPA,
      • It was the best insight into the world of the web I have heard, it dispelled the myths and helped understand how it all works.

        Patrick Mills - Director of Professional Development,
      • I now have a full understanding of the three web languages and I now have the confidence to go ahead and work on my own projects. It will also really help me when working with designers and developers.

        Edward Sinclair - Web Manager,
      • It was fascinating to learn more about the different elements involved in coding something. I will be able to speak more confidently with clients about the digital work we do.

        Michael Flood - Account Director,
      • By far the best training course I've ever been on!

        Mandy Rayment - Head of Comma,
      • It was great to understand the history of code and see how things have developed. It was reassuring to have some of the myths dispelled. The teachers were really great... they managed to keep it fresh throughout.

        Kate Harwood - Junior Account Manager,
      • I can't quite believe how much we managed to cover in the space of just a day at Decoded - and without it feeling dry or draining at any point. The teachers were extremely engaging and extremely patient. The history of the web was fantastic, making sense of a whole load information that you may already have come across but never been able to piece together. Seeing my app that I had coded myself on my mobile phone screen at the end of the day was the cherry on the cake! And talking of cake, the breakfast, lunch and snacks are delicious too!

        Florence Wilkinson - Senior account manager / Founder,
      • Engrossing and inspiring. The biggest compliment I can pay the Decoded team is that I went straight home, hooked up my kids' Raspberry Pi and continued tinkering with the web app I'd developed that day. Now to Kickstarter...

        Steven Elliott - Managing Director,
      • The whole day was fantastic. For me there was definitely an 'omg' moment when the page I created actually worked. That was one of the most exciting things I've done for a long time.

        Martina Langer - Creative,
      • Fantastic day at Decoded, showing how empowering it can be to learn new skills that are at the forefront of the digital landscape we now live in

        Matt West - Strategic Partnerships Manager,
      • Sometimes we take for granted that the phones in our pockets or the computers in front of us should just work. We don't think about how or why. Decoded opens up a whole new world, and in just a day, will show you that you can take control to create the digital experience you want to see. Will it make you a developer overnight? No. Will it open your eyes to digital potential and creativity? Most definitely.

        Ben Peckett - Senior Copywriter,
      • Priceless =) This day saved me probably about 2 months worth of Googling and scrambling around just to be able to put HTML, CSS and Javascript together.

        Jamie Tolentino - Innovation Strategist,
      • Having been in the digital world for over 15 years, this course opened up a whole new world to me. Now I'm aware it exists, I'll be venturing into coding and web build, with confidence and will take comfort in the knowledge there is a big community out there ready to support, share and guide. I'd throughly recommend anyone in marketing to attend this course

        Karl Havard - ,
      • The Decoded day was demystifying and delightful. If you are in a business (and probably in teaching and other spheres as well); if your customers/clients use your firm's website or apps; if you have any involvement at all in commissioning websites or apps; get yourself down to this course. It's frankly an essential part of any modern business education. Seriously. And you don't have to be a nerd to get it; being averagely normal is fine. I thought it was the most significant day of learning I have had in decades.

        Chris Matthews - Principal,
      • There's an inner geek in (almost) everyone. Decoded helps bring that out in a fun, gentle way and by doing so, gives you the understanding and tools to go out and be a lot more useful...bring on the open-source revolution!

        Tom Farrand - Co-founder,
      • Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable, and patient! Their ability to communicate an alien language in Laymen's terms was outstanding... Decoded genuinely provided the most fascinating, exciting and eye opening learning experience I've had since graduating Uni.

        Matt Thomas - Creative Services Executive,
  • Media agencies

      • When I walked in I knew nothing about coding when I walked out I had 'designed' a website, with the help of friendly, knowledgeable and passionate trainers it didn't feel like I had climbed a mountain - more like a walk in the park. thanks dan

        Dan Friel - Managing Partner,
      • A hugely enjoyable and informative day which gives you a great grounding in the world of the web, as well as a chance to really try out coding from scratch for yourself.

        Sam Battams - Innovation Director,
      • As it says on the tin, you will learn how to code in a day at Decoded! A fantastic course with expert teachers, you'll walk away with a great understanding of how to better work in the world of developers.

        Alex Royston - Head of Social, Newcast WW,
      • I really enjoyed coding in a day, I left feeling excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and I now feel ready to start my coding journey. Highly recommend this course to all - coding is the future

        Clare Tzialli - Digital Buying Manager,
      • Code in a day really delivered against its promise. I went from knowing literally nothing about code, or how the web and everything in it has been constructed, to feeling really confident in my knowledge and optimistic that anything is possible (maybe I'll even build some of my own apps one day). Thanks to all the team for such a great and rewarding experience.

        Lucy Ogilvie - Strategy Director,
  • Not For Profit

      • Decoded manage the rare trick of decoding the culture and a clear understanding of app development, whilst teaching real world development language skills. Part technical course, part history lesson and with a dash of real insight into a developer's world - a unique and highly effective mix.

        Aaron Woods - Solutions Architect,
      • This was an excellent day. I met some really interesting people and had a great time. The food was excellent and I hope to do another course at Decoded at some point.

        James Swash - Student,
      • We all had a great day at Decoded and got an empowering flavour of the languages behind our screens. If you get a chance, do it.

        Louis Haywood - Strategic Content Development Manager,
      • The most enjoyable part was programming our own apps and adding more features step by step - it was a real boost when everything actually worked! It was also great to see such a variety of people on the course showing that coding really is for everyone!

        Holly Smith - Web Coordinator,
      • I loved "learning through doing" and it felt like a real achievement to "complete a project" by the end of the day. I feel loads more confident with digital stuff now. The staff and course leaders were awesome too. I have a way better understanding of the digital world, and feel much more confident both talking about and thinking about the world of computers/ code. I'm going to continue to learn coding. I feel quite evangelical about it! I'm trying to think of ways I can bring coding/ decoded to the North East!

        Laura Brewis - Programme Manager (Young People),
      • I was skeptical that I would be able to achieve any proficiency in coding. This workshop exceeded my expectations! Learning about coding culture and history was such an important valuable bonus!

        Lori Gadkari - Program officer,
  • Publishing

      • Code in a Day lets you take a peek behind the curtain. You'll like what you find there.

        Ben Ingersoll - MP, ECD,
      • I appreciate the technical teams more and it has given me more confidence as I have a better understanding of the background of the web. It will help me more with some of the technical discussions in my business.

        Andrew Lowe - Digital Manager,
      • I can honestly say it was one of the best courses I have attended. While coding is not something I need directly in my role, learning about it has made a whole lot of things make a lot more sense. Decoded genuinely make a subject that can seem inaccessible, very accessible.

        Anna Hopwood - Managing Partner,
      • The workshop was excellent. Not only the content, learning, and teaching style, but the overall structure of the entire day... every detail was so well considered.

        Dylan Ballentine - Project Manager,
      • Decoded is hands down the best professional training session I have experienced in my career - well structured, fantastic content and impressively orchestrated.

        Michelle Kitchen - VP Business Director,
      • Doing code work directly was immensely empowering and enlightening. Working as a team made it much more fun and supported group learning!

        Lettie Conrad - Manager, Online Product Management,
      • Loved being part of your slick digital world, if only for one day...!

        Aimee Farrell - Features Associate,
  • Retail

      • Within only one day, Decoded provides insights, tangible tools and the basic ability to code and create basic websites ... to people who were never exposed to coding before and had no clue of coding and creating any web content. It was a truly motivating day and a lot of fun.

        Dietmar Spatschil - Procurement Ass Director,
      • I regret i did not take this course 20 years back!

        George Paraskevadis - Supply Chain Director,
      • Decoded - Probably the best digital training in the World

        Matthew Tominey - Head of IT,
      • What a great experience! I feel enlightened, inspired and empowered! Everyone should do this course, not just digital geeks. I'll be evangelising about Code in a Day for some time.

        Lorna Westwood - Head of eCommerce and Online Marketing,
      • A superlative introduction to coding - it has given me genuine confidence to build my own website and to understand the digital realm infinitely deeper.

        Luke Thomson - Founder & CEO,
      • I thoroughly enjoyed the Code in a Day course. I walked away with an exciting new interest and feel enthusiastic about the possibilities with regards to all things coding related. I would most definitely recommend this course to friends and colleagues.

        Kirsty Perkins - Online Marketing Executive,
      • I had a great day and would recommend anyone with an interest in coding to attend, you will come away with an insight into the mystical world of code!

        Paul Charles - Branch Manager,
      • I found the training from Decoded invaluable. It gave me a clear, easy and relevant level of understanding of how we can all build future platforms and to think about the art of the impossible and make it possible through data

        Rachel Bristow - VP Global Media Data & Analytics,
      • [The Decoded session] was inspiring, informative, breathtaking, interactive ... in one word marvellous!

        Arne Kirchem - Media Director DACH,
      • It was a great day! Friendly people with great teaching skills. I finally managed to understand what coding is. The food was amazing! I'd definitely recommend this course.

        Andrea Ladisa - Assistant Manager Global Brand Development - Cif Floors,
  • TV, press & media

      • Really enjoyed this course. I ended up doing things I never thought I would be able to do! Challenging and enjoyable, I feel the day will be more worthwhile than I even realise.

        Stacey Bird - Copywriter,
      • It really joined up all the dots to show the bigger picture. It will help me understand the work of my colleagues better and enable me to have more useful conversations with them. And what amazing hospitality and location – just a lovely place to be for a day!

        Alison Button - Research Manager,
      • A whistlestop tour of coding that will enlighten, entertain and give you something at the end of the day that you can say to your friends and colleagues "I built that"....

        Colin Watkins - Head of Digital Communications,
      • The 'Code in a Day' course helped to demystify the tech industry and give me a better understanding of the processes behind coding and ultimately building tangible apps and websites. I feel that I now have a lot more to offer my clients in terms of ideas and creative solutions when answering cross platform briefs.

        Felicity Ive - Group Partnership Manager,
      • Ever since I started work, I've been working in digital. I wish someone had offered me this course 15 years ago - it would have meant I knew a lot more about the field I work in.

        Tom Powell - Project Manager,
      • Last week, I learnt how to code. In a day. I built my own website, with a geo-location function and neat design, and emerged empowered...The ad industry desperately needs more of these pollinated skills.

        Claire Beale - Editor,
      • So pleased finally to learn how the web and its constituent parts fit together. No longer will I feel like I'm blagging it when talking about the internet!

        Edward Drax - Entrepreneur,
      • Whilst digital has been a large part of my agency life for some time now, this one day course provides a really constructive, enjoyable and valuable learning experience. It helps you understand the nuts and bolts of how to make things work in the digital space.

        Mike Cullis - Owner and Consultant,
      • I always thought coders were a bit like magicians. Capable of achieving wonderful things, but I was always a bit baffled as to how they did it. After completing Decoded's course, I feel as if I have now been given entry to the magic circle wherein I get to understand their trickery and even learn a few tricks of my own. A magic day!

        Sean Adams - Head of Insight,
      • A brilliant day, hugely informative and most importantly fun. I'd recommend it to everyone and I probably will.

        David Mahoney - Director of Content Policy,
      • Decoded does what it says on the digital tin. A day with their excellent trainers was both illuminating and empowering, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what's going on behind the screen

        Richard Preston - Associate editor,
      • Excellent. Decoded managed to make a difficult and potentially dry subject accessible and interesting.

        Rhiannon Griffiths - Head of Research,
      • It was consistently useful and informative. I wasn't expecting the history of the internet to be that useful or relevant in some ways, but it was an excellent start and fed beautifully into the rest of the day. In my job I've often had to beg developers to help me develop ideas or hack things together for me. Trying myself just seemed too complex or daunting. I feel that I can now start to do some simple things well and also structure more complex ideas in such a way that I can break it into discrete parts.

        Chris Moran - SEO editor,
      • I completely loved the whole day - I found it amazingly empowering. This means I can now understand every day conversations that previously were always very slightly gobbledegook to me. This will hugely increase my confidence in dealing with our digital development department, which I do every day.

        Emily Wilson - Network editor,
      • I LOVED the course. I came away 500 times more confident than I was before, and fully intend to continue learning about coding. I feel much more knowledgeable about what developers and web designers do, which is very useful in my work (as an editor).

        Becky Gardiner - Comment Editor,
      • The Code in a Day workshop was inspiring and insightful.

        Sara Montgomery - Head of Guardian Books,
      • It has demystified the whole area of coding...Will you be able to code in a day - yes. We all use technology in our daily lives so isn't it time to find out how it works?

        Richard Eccles - Head of Custom Web Solutions,
      • Teachers were phenomenal and had a great rapport with the class and each other. Learning the building blocks of coding and actually implementing to create an app was fascinating.

        Bill Callen - VP, Production Services,
      • They made a topic that wouldn't normally be interesting and fun for me, interesting and fun for me...

        Jeremy Friedman - Multimedia Producer,
      • Do this course. It is not an optional extra. It is utterly enlightening for anyone running a business.

        Ben Stephens - Managing Partner,
      • I will begin coding my own website(s), and be able to interact with those who are expert coders, both in personal life and in a work environment. Giving up a Saturday and paying £500 meant the 'code in a day' course was a big personal investment, but it was 100% worth it. A brilliant day spent with great tutors, a diverse mix of motivated people, not only learning a lot, but also producing something of real use in just a few hours.

        Kevin Watson - Head of CVM,
      • Decoded is a must for anyone who wants to understand the world we now live in. It looks different now. Go and do it!

        John Scott - Strategist,
  • Technology

      • Right level of geekiness vs empathetic coaching/teaching skills

        Will England - CFO,
      • Just do it. It'll change how you see the digital world.

        Will England - CFO,
      • Decoded made me a better commissioner of digital stuff and a part time tinkerer too. Highly recommended.

        Roland Harwood - Networks Partner,
      • I had no idea at all about coding so it was a great learning curve, great facilitators too. Rewarding to get an insight into the role of a developer.

        Steve Brown - Managing Director,
      • Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about what it is exactly. Simply go do it. I had no idea what to expect, but Decoded delivered more than I’d hoped for. Digital Enlightenment is a very good summation.

        Jason Gormley - Founder,
      • My day at Decoded has completely changed how I feel talking about code. I now get what I'm saying... and the implications of working with code.

        Robyn Exton - Director,
      • It's not that I thought they were lying, I just couldn't see how that would happen. It did.

        Louise Jack - Writer,
      • Decoded makes learning fun, easy and rewarding. It was a great day!

        Elizabeth Lukas - CEO,
      • I never thought digital could become so clear and so exciting in one day. The best day's training I've had, not only because I enjoyed it, but also because of all the possibilities that are now open to me. Eight years of hearing the word 'digital'; one day to finally get what it means.

        Zara Le Sueur - Marketing Consultant,
      • Decoded was an absolutely fantastic course pitched at just the right level ... [It] has made me feel much more at home in a technology company! Oh, and the food was amazing too.

        Rosa Birch - Policy Associate,
      • The Decoded Course was one of the best pieces of training I've ever done. It was really accessible and helped demystify the imposing world of development. It also whetted my appetite to learn more [and] inspired me to get my kids into coding as soon as possible.

        Barney O'Kelly - Senior Manager, Digital Communications,
      • It has made a huge difference to how confident I feel with looking at code and being able to converse with the developers. It's no longer scary.

        Farah Barnabas - Digital marketing communications manager,
      • So very useful to get an overview of an area that most never get a chance to understand. Broken down into easy to digest parts that were fun! Well worth doing.

        Ross Mahon - Community Manager,
      • I now think of every coder as an artist with a different type of palette. I didn't realise the barrier to entry for creating on the web is so much lower than it once was - this helps contextualise the boom in internet business. I will be more discerning about the array of technologies that are out there.

        Imran Khan - Creative Agency Lead,
      • There is no doubt that it is an intense day - but everyone will get something out of being there. The quality of the Facilitator's was impressive and not only did I learn to code, I also learnt a lot about the context of coding. A highly valuable experience.

        Alex Blaikley - Industry Head,
      • Coding is the new reading - and there's no better way to start than decoded. Engaging, challenging and fun day run by a great team - do it.

        Matt Bush - Head of Performance Agency,
      • Would definitely recommend Code in a Day to anybody involved in Digital.It has provided me a whole new understanding of the digital world and fostered a healthy appreciation for the juxtaposed simplicity / complexity of coding!

        Nayem Chowdhury - Global Agency Business Manager,
      • The Decoded model should be standard issue for anyone commissioning digital work.

        James Hamilton Harding - Campaign and Research Officer,
      • It was wonderful. I learnt more in a day than I have since the day I learnt to ride a bike. Think of what that lets you do. This is the digital equivalent. Genius. Never made us feel like fools - instead, they took us gently by the hand and led us into wonderland.

        Paul Kitcatt - Chief Creative Officer,
      • Right from the moment through the door I felt welcomed and valued. I now totally get 'Decoded' that's what happened, you guys decoded the myth and helped us to peek behind the curtain. It's not some scary mystical cyber world that only Neo and his buddies get access to.

        Vincent Kamp - Managing director,
      • Decoded - The best training course you will ever go on. When was the last time you learnt something life changing....in a day.

        David Biden - Senior Consultant & Platform Manager,
      • A great way to spend a day de-mystifying the web and its ways. I have worked in online media sales side for years and didn't take the time or make the opportunity to learn. Decoded lifted the veil in a day. Magical!

        Jamie Noble - Vertical Partnership Manager,
      • I thought Decoded was one of the best training days I have ever been on. The whole day, atmosphere, setting, trainers and all staff were fantastic and I learnt a lot!

        Hannah Nutting - Senior Account Manager,
      • I found the entire day to be enjoyable, from understanding the history to developing our own app. I am already thinking about ways to automate and enhance some of the work I do through building apps. I feel more equipped to understand the coding ecosystem and where to find out info if required - I feel more resourceful.

        Shiva Shankar - Business Analyst,
      • Every detail was well considered - from arrival (amazing engagements from the two women who greeted us), to what to bring ("nothing!" we loved that), the timing of the agenda, the attention to detail, and finishing the day with teamwork and a working app for everyone. Show and tell was great! I was most impressed by the professionalism of the staff, the space, and the entire course. It's just brilliant, seriously brilliant!

        Rebecca Newton - Chief Community & Safety Officer,
      • I no longer see coding as an enigma - the day gave me a solid foundation in three core languages for use on websites. I feel I can now talk to our designers with confidence, and even make small tweaks to our website's CSS.

        Matt Cooper - Marketing Executive,
      • Decoded, it's taken me 22 years to find you and we only spent 1 day together :(... A fantastic course, professionally led, innovative co-creative learning, uber funky learning space and loads of fun.

        John Lennon - Director - Cloud Computing & Identity Management,
      • Decoded provided exactly, what was described 'Coding in One day'... I can clearly say that I have a significantly better understanding on the approach to web/app development.

        Nigel Prankard - Manager,
      • Genuinely the best and most useful course I've been on this far. Engaging, relevant and attainable - anything seemed possible! I recommend this to anyone and everyone whose job even remotely involves the online touchpoint. Thanks for having me!

        Bianca Morris - Campaign Manager,
      • Decoded has transformed my understanding of coding, re-inforcing a couple of things I thought I already knew but expanding my knowledge beyond anything I thought would have been possible in just one day. Brilliant staff. I'm now hooked on coding.

        Julian Harris - Senior Business Development Manager,
      • Learning to code so quickly is a truly empowering experience. Gone are my days of self-deprecation about my technological capabilities! Being taught the basics in one day over delicious food and fun company, sharing and working through problems and small triumphs, was how learning should be. I've never known a classroom be so much fun. Thank you, Team Decoded!

        Clare Bowen - Head of Creative Development,
      • I left feeling like a whole new world had been opened up...do it - you won't regret it!

        Laura Ongaro - Head of Product Marketing,
      • At the end of the day they some how magically make you want to learn more about coding.

        Louis Li - Compliance technician,
      • Decoded was an experience of learning, brain extension and good emotions mixed up together. The premises are beautiful and the whole setting just reflects how the Decoded team thinks. It's beautiful people doing smart things in a sexy way.

        Andy Svakova - Owner,
      • There can't be many people with such a deep understanding of code who also have the ability to share their expertise in such an engaging way!

        Lawrence Bleach - COO,
      • Great day to get a basic understanding of coding. Friendly and enthusiastic teachers that show you have the world of code at your fingertips! Definitely inspired me to pursue my interest further. If I can learn the basics, anyone can!

        Kat Bednarczyk - Business Marketing Manager,
      • Code in a Day definitely delivered on its ambitious name. I walked in knowing woefully little about coding (such as 'how/where do you even begin to make a website?') and left having successfully created my own website and app from scratch. Kicking off with the most robust "history of the internet" I've ever heard, then delving into the trinity of HTML, CSS and JavaScript; the course was everything I could have hoped for (and more!). The teachers were attentive and engaging, and the nothing-is-a-stupid-question environment made for a day where I learnt more than in the rest of the year put together.

        Bethan Barker - Head of Social Media,
      • To actually have produced something tangible at the end of the day was very satisfying.

        Carol Fawkes - Researcher,
      • The course was enthusiastically taught, insightful and opened my eyes to what was before jargon to me. I've already recommended it to others.

        Tarek Boudour - Senior Marketing Manager,
      • Thank you very much for the excellent day at Decoded. We covered an incredible amount of material during the course but I left feeling confident I had a strong base and can read/code in a few languages! This course has really inspired me to continue with coding in these languages and hopefully others in the future. I can't thank you all enough for everything. I appreciate all your help and I'll keep in contact.

        Eoin Craigie - Team Lead,
      • I have recommended Decoded to people and will continue to do so. Excellent. Can't wait to take another course. It's like finally learning a language that people around you use constantly but you never bothered to learn.

        Joao Medeiros - Start Editor,
  • Telecommunications

      • The day gave me confidence that the effort I'd already put in to starting learning HTML was going in the right direction, and I learned in about an hour what would probably have taken me a few months to twig about CSS (mainly due to lack of time and confidence). I know where to go to carry on learning, and learn I believe I will. And it's great to know I can send an email to the Decoded team if I get stuck. I'm sure this investment will pay off in the months and years ahead.

        Nataly Marinovic - Senior UX Specialist,
      • Once upon a time I used to sit in meetings desperately trying to pull my facial expression into one that conveyed understanding whenever people started talking about JavaScript, PHP and HTML. Now I don't have to. Couldn't recommend this course highly enough to anybody who wants to lift the veil on the seemingly murky word of coding.

        Ian Hughes - Senior Digital Manager,
      • Don't know your HTML from your Javascript? Think Ruby on Rails is a nightclub? This is the course for you. You'll get all the background knowledge you need about how the web was invented and how it all works, plus real practical experience coding your very own app. I loved it. Go!

        Katy Newman - Internal brand manager,
      • Who knew you could learn to code in a day? An excellent day which I would thoroughly recommend to everyone.

        Verity Mitchell - Media Manager,
      • Fantastic teachers. [They] were knowledgeable, understanding and patient. Keeping us enthralled in the content of the day with their delivery style.

        Ben Plain - Think Big School Programme Manager,
      • A fantastic day at Decoded, everyone should take this course. I went from knowing nothing to coding my own app in one day. Now I can code.

        Kirsty Britz - Social business & sustainability,
      • The Code in a Day course was fantastic. The comprehensive overview filled in all of the gaps in my understanding and gave me a really great base to start from, while the hands-on tuition meant I could see it working in practice and come away feeling proud of what I'd achieved.

        Caroline Dundas - Marketing Manager, Communication Innovation,
      • I walked in to the day with no knowledge whatsoever! I came out confident enough to have a go! I now have a buzz to put into practice what I have learnt.

        Nic Whatmore - Crowd Manager,
      • It has simplified coding for me in so many ways and made me much more relaxed about the tasks we have ahead.

        Jo Taylor - Head of Talent & Resourcing,
      • Decoded offers a narrative behind technology that doesn't just explain the how-to, but also illustrates the important history and the exciting future.

        Amir Akhrif - Digital Manager (Group),
      • Being a coder with a number of years experience I was surprised how much benefit I obtained via this course. The decoded team have encouraged me to try less traditional methods of data visualisation and explore the wide range of tools available for such a purpose. The whole day was a treat and I feel there is something for everyone in the course content.

        Daniel Mcevoy - MI ANALYST,
      • Decoded was the best training I have ever done, it was insightful and challenging, taking us all beyond our expectations in what we were capable in a really fun and dynamic way. Will recommended to anyone.

        Katie Hyson - Internal Engagement,
      • I've attended both Code in A Day and Data in A Day. Both were very useful courses. Demystifying programming and "big" data for senior managers, these one day courses have equipped me to have more effective challenging conversations with analytical and developmental team members.

        Jacqs Harper - Head of Digital Support and Commerce,
  • Other

      • I was genuinely bowled over at how easy coding can be. All the fears about it being a totally different language have evaporated! I can't wait to get cracking!

        Richard Ramsden - Associate Technologist,
      • The course really helped give me a broad understanding of the dynamics of website design both on mobile and desktop. It has also left me wanting and needing to know even more. A very well organised and structured day. Thanks Decoded!

        Neil Howlett - Commercial Director,
      • I think I have some great ideas for apps but was somewhat intimidated about the whole process of how to go about it, as I am not from an IT background. The Code In A Day course was a lot of fun, but most importantly, it has removed the "intimidation" factor and has given me the comfort level to approach app development (either on my own or working with developers) with confidence.

        Kevin Chan - Director,
      • I attended the course with a view to being able to code/build apps but also to understand the language and logic that coders in our own business use - both aims were met and exceeded. What the guys are doing at Decoded deserves full credit and I cannot speak highly enough of them. Any company that creates customers as advocates is obviously doing something right!

        Connor Heaney - Solutions Director,
      • It opened my eyes to something wondrous. Before this course, all these languages seemed out of my reach (like Urdu or Italian) and now they don't!

        Rod Banner - CEO/Investor,
      • I've got a completely different attitude to tech and digital now. I'm going to attempt coding something to land the training properly and legitimately with myself.

        Emilia Stubbs - European Supply Chain Lead,
      • I confess I was slightly sceptical - code in a day. Seriously, that takes years doesn't it? The course does exactly what it says on the tin and I'm really glad I've done it.

        Edward Warner - Operations Director,
      • The team who delivered the course made the day for me, such a friendly and welcoming group. Combining top communication skills with extensive knowledge of coding made it really easy to understand what they were teaching. I would recommend this course to anyone as it really does teach anyone to code in a day. Thank you to the Decoded team!

        Joshua Holland-bedson - Developer,
      • It helped me understand the changes that have occurred over the last 20 years and how the different types of coding work together. I've already had ideas about how we could use what we learnt at work.

        Julie-Ann Cornelius - Senior Forensic Scientist (DNA),
      • I learnt a completely new skill in a day. I don't remember when I last did that in any of my training as a surgeon.

        Jonathan Bell - Partner,