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Digital Enlightenment

The essential introduction to code that unlocks the immense potential of the digital world. An unparalleled accelerated learning experience taking you from zero skills and confidence to coding your own app in a single day. Join the code revolution!



  • Introduction to Code: what it is, where it's come from and where it’s going.
  • html/css in depth: what they are, how they work, how you write them.
  • Hands-on coding: build a simple website in html/css, then create your app's user interface.


  • Backend languages and data: allow your app to store and process data.
  • Programming theory: Core principles of computational thinking and how you express these in code.
  • App briefing and brainstorm: how to research and plan the coding process.
  • Hands-on coding: add behaviour and interactivity to your site with JavaScript.
  • Debrief and reflections.



Experience the Digital Development process from idea inception to project deployment.


Understand fundamental coding concepts and basic coding skills.

Innovation and Creativity

Understand the value of open source: how libraries (eg jQuery, D3) can be used to create and commercialise products and services. Understand how data can be accessed (eg navigator geolocation API), used, fused and visualized.


Empowered to bake-in your knowledge and insights (eg customer behaviour) into the development process.


Understand how prototyping can be a powerful and universal way to gain consensus and buy-in to ideas.


Activate internal talent and that of your consumers in creating new products.


I left feeling like a whole new world had been opened up...do it - you won't regret it!

Laura Ongaro Head of Product Marketing Rackspace

You won’t believe what is possible in a single day...too many training days over-promise and under-deliver. Decoded makes an outrageous promise - learn to code in a day - and then remarkably delivers on it. Astonishing!

Tony Regan Consultant Brand Performance

It was the best training day I've ever been on.... and will have a lifelong impact on how I feel about the web. In exchange for 8 hours of my time, I walked out of Decoded feeling 100 times more able to engage with clients on technical and complex digital discussions than I did when I walked in.

Sophie Payne New Business Director Publicis