The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the world

No matter your industry, the future demands a digital-first mindset. We’ve helped over 5,000 companies adapt to change and face the future. Talk to us about how we can help everyone in your organization – from the leadership team to new hires – to discover, understand and embrace technology.


The financial industry is being shaken up by “Fintechs” – new companies using technology to create customer-centric and data-driven products and services. They can move and adapt at a rapid pace without the burdens and challenges of established institutions.

We’ve worked with established institutions to shift their entire organizations into a 21st-century mindset – seeing the world from the outside-in, where every product, service or process is optimized to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Through working with us, people at all levels of an organization gain an understanding of the digital ecosystem and the technologies changing our world, including blockchain, APIs, cybersecurity, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics.



“Foundation API course that will bring you up to speed on what APIs are and teach you to explain what it is even to your parents.”


“As an experienced banker, it is fantastic and inspiring to be taken out of my comfort zone, and to embrace a completely different mindset.”


“Highly recommended for anyone that is curious about the potential future impacts and disruption of their business. ”

Issuer Digital Solutions Global Head, Visa


As an industry, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) has always felt the pressure of digital transformation. New technology is at the heart of how it creates new product portfolios and manages sophisticated supply chains.

Now the industry is facing sudden competition from new players including crowd-sourced startups and direct-to-consumer brands. Thinking differently and acting faster is a reality of the future.

FMCG companies also have a vast amount of data. We work with companies to help them learn how to tap into it by embracing emerging technologies like machine learning and AI. That’s how they’ll adapt their business model and turn data into revenue.



“I thoroughly recommend Decoded as a training to understand that little bit more about what is really going on with digital underneath the surface. Having that background knowledge will really help me on the day to day interactions, and identify the opportunities and possibilities for my business.”

Annie Spencer P&G

“It enables me to understand a bit more of the “how” as my teams work to construct the “what” in terms of internet experiences. This can enable us to build better decision processes and interaction to accelerate and cost improve production.”

Chief Growth and Marketing Officer – The Hershey Company


In some ways, governments face bigger challenges than private companies who are incentivized to adapt to new technology through competition. But there are still huge opportunities for governments that embrace change and shape the future.

As citizens’ lives and jobs change, successful governments will use data, new technology, and collaborations with private organizations to improve society. And it all starts with government organizations understanding technology.

We’ve seen fantastic initiatives where the transformation is taking place: Singapore is providing $500 per person in Skills Future Credit for 2 million citizens, Dubai aims to become the world’s first blockchain-powered government, and Estonia’s X-Road system will enable data to be securely transferred between departmental agencies. What are you waiting for?



“Totally exceeded my expectations! Frequently I attend briefs that are either way over my head or too basic– but this was a perfect level. The hands-on experiences were definitely the most useful for me and the presentation style is great!”

Legislative Aide – Wilson Center

“Decoded gave me a peek at an incredible world that I could be part of. It showed me incredible possibilities that I can attain. I feel like there is a whole new exciting world and career that has been shown to me and it is mine for the taking.”

Acting Sergeant First Class – New Jersey State Police

“This course blended how the government, private industry and personal use are all vulnerable to hacks; but the best offense in cyberspace is a defensive mindset.”

Legislative Aide – Wilson Center

“Decoded is to tech education as the Skimm is to the news. Learn about tech from creative thinkers who understand the millennial mindset.”

Trade and Investment Associate – Department for International Trade


Having not seen much innovation during the last decade, the management consulting sector has recently started to change perceptions and adopt new technology.

A lot of the research, modeling, and analysis consulting firms traditionally provided can now be offered by software- and technology-based tools. This is shortening project lead times and providing more functionality with much lower costs. For the consultants that aren’t ready to adapt, it’s threatening their competitive edge.

We work with traditional consulting firms to embrace these tools and tactics so they can automate many of their traditional activities and offer their customers new services.



“The pace, the interaction, the level of detail, the facilitation… all were served up at the appropriate level for my consumption needs. I feel educated and enthusiastic with a new sense of understanding and context; I’m better able to lead my global marketing team… even enabled to code a bit should the need arise!”

MD, Marketing – Accenture

“Non-intimidating setting to learn about the basics of coding. Nice group of talented people. I walked away with better understanding of what exists and what things take.”

Senior Director – Bain

“If you’re overwhelmed by the drastic changes in the industry, leave it to Decoded to make you comprehend and understand new technologies in no time!”

Senior Consultant, IBM GBS


Today’s manufacturing industry is a complex web of supply chains. Information, services, goods, and payments all have to flow – within and across international boundaries.

While technology has already helped global markets speed up, unpredictable domestic and international events continue to affect the way companies manage their operations. Technology can help reduce the risk posed by these external factors by helping build robust supply chains that are secure, optimized and adaptable.

We work with manufacturing companies who want to better understand how data can be used in advanced analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, sensors, and blockchain.



“Great job, Decoded! You are brilliant and know your data inside and out. You make going digital exciting for all of us!”

Production Manager, General Electric

“The Decoded experience has given me a whole new perspective on roadmap decisions and which projects to invest in. I now feel able to invest budgets with confidence in projects which I know are set up to succeed.”

Commercial Lead – Philips Healthcare


The retail industry is at the forefront of technologically-driven change – forced to transform and keep up with customers whose needs have changed rapidly.

In-store and online shopping experiences are evolving as fast as the technology powering them. Commercial applications of virtual reality blurring the physical and virtual world. And as predictive recommendations, smart-mirror fitting rooms, sensors that lead you to your favorite brands, people are becoming accustomed to digitally-powered shopping experiences with personalized targeting and slick interactions.

We work with retail clients to bring them up to speed on technologies including the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, VR, and APIs.



“Such a great day! I haven’t stopped talking about it… everyone should enrich their lives by attending this day at Decoded!”

Media Sales Director, Harrods

“The most valuable thing I learned is the need to first understand what is the problem we’re trying to solve and/or what are you trying to predict. Machine learning is not replacing us, rather it is augmenting human intelligence which is a key message since there’s fear about this field.”

Business Leader, Walmart eCommerce

“The Decoded day was fabulous. I learnt so much in a short space of time and although a novice at the beginning – not once was I made to feel like one. The atmosphere was chilled and a great environment to learn in.”

Business Leader, M&S


Why would a technology company need training on technology? It’s well known that the complexity of new technology leads to a divide between the creators and everyone else – and that’s true inside an organization too.

If your people aren’t on the same page, how can external audiences like investors, press, and clients understand your vision and direction?

There are two ways we help technology companies bridge the gap. One – educate their non-technical people, creating a shared vocabulary and understanding. Two – train technical people in the art of storytelling, so they can inspire, delight, and bring everyone on the exciting journey of innovation.



“This course will allow you to finally understand the business at hand, how it is set up, where you fit, the products, and where we fit in the overall picture. You will gain greater understanding of outside market conditions driving IBM and what we must do to remain competitive in the marketplace. This course will support driving your career forward. It is very inspirational.”

Senior Consultant, IBM

“Would definitely recommend Decoded to anybody involved in Digital. It has provided me a whole new understanding of the digital world and fostered a healthy appreciation for the juxtaposed simplicity/complexity of coding!”

Global Business Leader, Google