How do you put data at the heart of your business? Google, AirBnB, Uber, and Amazon have built themselves on data-driven culture.

As companies of today transform into companies of the future, their understanding of data and what it can do needs to stay up to speed with advancements.

Businesses are collecting more data than ever, and computing power is able to process it faster than ever. The companies that keep up will be able to create deeper engagement with their customers.

Aimed at all levels – from the leadership team to managers and practitioners – this program touches all aspects of data, including the impact of APIs and the advancement in machine learning and AI.


Leaders: Participants will learn the value of emerging data technologies and trends, and identify where data could create a competitive advantage for their business.

Practitioners:  Participants build working data pipelines and use them to answer data-driven business questions. And get hands-on with the latest tools and techniques used by data scientists.



The Data Fellowship is Decoded’s accelerated technical development program for high-potential employees – in any role and at any level.

We developed the Data Fellowship to be a new standard in on-the-job training. And it is the cornerstone of our mission to take organizations into the future by building their community of data science champions.

Integrated: The Fellowship fits flexibly into fellows’ day-to-day responsibilities, with approximately 4-6 hours of learning per week.

Immediately applicable: Fellows can immediately apply their learnings to the business, making a difference within the first month of starting the fellowship.

Business-led: We work closely with each fellow to tailor content so that it’s relevant to their role and organization.

Blended learning: The Fellowship is delivered through a mix of online and in-person learning experiences.

Cross-functional: Cohorts are made up of individuals from across the business. We’ll work with you to put these groups together.

Community: Fellows become an elite group within organizations – and it starts with the tight bonds formed on the course.

Mentorship: We have an A-team of expert data science educators. They work closely with fellows through 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, office hours and online teaching.