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Every company is a technology company. We help you achieve the human part of digital transformation

Decoded Enterprise allows us to create education programmes that drive and complement your digital objectives. That might mean embedding methodologies like lean, agile and design thinking. Or helping your teams communicate digital products better. Or making people the strongest link in your cybersecurity strategy.

Our process is based on a deep understanding of your business, the unique challenges you face, and a shared desire to scale cultural change. We have experience with businesses from almost every sector — including finance, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunications.

philips ing masterclass

We bridge the gap between technology and human skills

We combine our expertise in tech such as blockchain, cyber security and API’s with human based skills like storytelling and innovation.

Learn from the best

Our facilitators are developers, data scientists, hackers and entrepreneurs. They live and breathe what they teach. They definitely don't wear suits to work.

Data driven education.
At scale.

We take a lean approach to education. Our rapid feedback loop allows our courses to evolve and adapt to your organisations needs.

Decoded have been instrumental partners to me both at ING and Philips. They’ve helped teams feel inspired and empowered to innovate effectively across the entire organisation.
Bas van Ulzen

Global Accelerator Lead for Innovation Transformation


This is what we believe makes up the future of work…


Rapid Experimentation



Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualisation

Cyber Security

Advanced Analytics

Internet of Things

Get ready for the future of work