Innovative Digital Training That Drives Change

Everything we do is powered by technology. It drives our businesses, our lives and our future. We design corporate digital training that expands everyone's understanding; driving innovation and change throughout your business. Discover how powerful and thrilling technology can be by getting hands-on and understanding how it works from the inside out.

Create a culture of innovation through an understanding of web-based coding languages. Discover through our unique hands-on approach what code is, how it is used and how you can harness your new understanding to transform your business.

Create a cyber-first culture that is empowered and engaged to protect your organization’s most critical asset - data. We’ve developed a ground-breaking gamified program that shines light on the dark subject of cybersecurity rapidly bringing everyone up to speed with not only the technology behind the screen but the mindset of a hacker.

Big Data is changing the way we store, access and process data. In our workshops, we will explore how to derive meaningful insights from raw data, taking you on a journey from conventional statistics and charts, to the frontiers of machine learning, visualization and data-driven storytelling.

The Internet, combined with rapid prototyping, crowdfunding and Open Source technologies is powering the proliferation of smart devices. These workshops will decode the latest trends so you can understand how they can be applied to your business, unlocking innovation from anywhere within your organization.

A session with Decoded is not only unique in what you learn, but how you learn - we’ve spent thousands of hours to carefully build, perfect and tailor hands-on courses that distill complex subjects into easy to understand narratives.