Demystifying technology


At Decoded, we offer enlightening, interactive experiences where you learn by doing, not just listening.

Our programs are designed to teach you to learn, understand, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of technology. Once you have that foundation in place, you’ll be ready to truly engage, thrive, and capitalize on everything the digital world offers today and into the future.


“Decoded: turning dinosaurs into savvy millenials or more appropriately rendering digital skillset to seasoned executives.”

—  MasterCard


Our approach


We reveal technology via rich, human stories. You won’t hear techno-babble about zeros and ones: you’ll hear how people faced problems and created solutions against overwhelming odds.


We tailor our teaching sessions to you and your team. You’ll build off of what you understand, see how technology connects to the world you already know, and experience that eureka moment where it all makes sense. 


We cultivate a charismatic, lively atmosphere that delights and engages. You won’t be dozing in a dull corporate seminar, you’ll be wide-eyed in a fun, accessible world of wonder and discovery.

Discover how you can begin to enlighten and empower your teams.