Be the company that never gets hacked
Cybersecurity tools designed to scale across your entire organization.

At Decoded, we help you achieve the human part of security by providing the tools you need to secure users.

Hacksy allows you to create security programmes that drive and complement your objectives. That might mean radically improving password strength of your users. Or making people less susceptible to phishing.

Our process is based on a deep understanding of how people change their behavior, the unique challenges you face in educating users, and a shared desire to secure everyone. We have experience with businesses from almost every sector — including finance, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunications — helping each one convert their users from a weakness to a strength.

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Totally changes the perception of cybersecurity. Takes it out of the domain of tech, and makes it not-boring
David, CIO

What we cover:



Social Engineering


Data Protection


Remote working


Two Factor

Be the company that never gets hacked.