Innovation_in a Day
Learn how to innovate at the speed of a startup. Get closer to your customers, rapidly prototype and test solutions and bring a better idea to market, sooner.

Today, every individual in an organization is responsible for using digital technology to make their roles more efficient and effective. Innovation_ in a Day instills this test-and-learn mindset across an organization, inspiring participants to become actively engaged in the organization’s culture of innovation.

Through accelerated, hands-on learning, attendees gain exposure to new approaches to problem solving and ideation with a variety of tools to rapidly create digital and physical experiments. They will leave with the tools and mindset necessary to champion experimentation.


Learn about prototyping tools to save time and budget when creating and iterating ideas.


Prioritize risky assumptions and perform fast, small-scale experiments to validate them with customers.


Communicate the logic of an idea through clear, detailed demonstrations.

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