Our programmes cover all levels.

From awareness for everyone, to providing strategic deep dives in data, to creating advanced data scientists, we work with all levels of an organisation to ensure that impact is created at scale.


Level set the origins of technological breakthroughs and unpack the shifts in skills arising from the data economy.

Digital Mindset

A three-part, 1.5 day introduction to ‘Digital’ that unpacks the core technologies driving radical digital disruption and showcases both the value and risks they create.

Data-Driven Mindset

This three-part, 1.5 day programme extends the Digital Mindset to dive deeper for learners who work with and make decisions using data.

Individually, they tackle specific themes within ethics, decision making and technology. Collectively, they build the robust mindset required to be a data-driven and data-informed decision maker.

Data Academy

Transforms anyone who works with data regularly into an Advanced Data Analyst or Data Scientist.


In England we deliver the Data Analyst Level 4 and the Data Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship Standards funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.


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