Data-Driven Mindset

Data-Driven Mindset

A modular deep dive programme to build data-informed decision makers.

Build the data fluency of your employees so they know why, when and how to use digital and data technologies to solve business challenges.

Decision makers need sufficient understanding to map available data assets to business needs and take an active role in shaping and directing data strategy. Our Data-Driven Mindset programme is for learners who work with and make decisions using data, tackling specific themes within ethics, decision making and technology.

Data Ethics

This session looks at how to manage reputational and regulatory risk through the responsible use of data, learners will also explore the ethical and unethical applications of machine learning and data storytelling.

Data Decisions

Learners will be taught how to define experiments, metrics and performance indicators for successful data-driven projects using real-world examples from a relevant industry.

Data Storytelling

Learners will discover how to quickly connect and captivate audiences by leveraging storytelling different frameworks. Learners will be taught how to identify misleading data visualizations and articulate how ethical bias affects data narratives.

Data Technology

In this session, learners will explore data architecture, cloud and AI, Neural Networks, black box algorithms and approaches to deployment through APIs.


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