Digital Mindset

Digital Mindset

A three-part, 1.5 day introduction to Digital.

Build the literacy your employees need to recognise, decipher and comprehend how digital and data can be utilised in their day-to-day.

Our Digital Mindset programme unpacks the core technologies driving radical digital disruption and showcases both the value and risks they create.

Individually, each module tackles specific themes within data, software and cybersecurity. Collectively, the modules build a well rounded digital mindset.

These programmes are designed to develop and guide your leaders and are proven in our work with executives from world-leading companies.


Module #1 – Data

Step into the shoes of a Data Scientist. Build a common understanding around AI and machine learning. Explore the business use-cases as well as limitations of data technologies.

Module #2 – Developer

Effectively communicate with technical teams by experiencing the role of a developer. Get hands-on with computational thinking and Python, before taking a deep-dive into cloud and APIs.

Module #3 – Hacker

Get to grips with the key risks and vulnerabilities of providing digitally-powered products and services. Step into the shoes of a hacker so that you can turn attack into defence when leading a digital initiative.


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