How do you reimagine your own business? Innovative companies put customers at the center of the design process and iterate to meet their needs.

Building digital products and services requires a new mindset – one that puts your customers at the center of an iterative design process.

In this program, we teach people that mindset. It starts with learning about the “open source” movement and the sharing economy—and seeing just how much is possible with the latest digital tools.

Next you’ll explore customer-centric design and “lean methodologies” in lab environments where we quickly test out assumptions through free online tools.

Finally, we teach you how to prototype ideas, replacing abstract ideas with first versions of products or services that can be tried, tested and refined.


Leaders: Participants will gain a high-level understanding of digital concepts and innovation. By learning what goes into building digital products, you’ll move into the future confident about what your organization can and should build.

Practitioners: Participants focus on the process of building digital products – including “lean” and “agile” methodologies, prototyping and user testing. Putting learning into practice with hands-on problem solving – focussed on real issues in the business.