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About Us

For the last decade we’ve been unpacking the core technologies driving radical digital disruption for leaders of businesses across the FTSE and Fortune 500, developing the required mindset and literacy for them to successfully engage with 'digital and data'.

Beyond leaders, we help democratise data skills across organisations so that employees can harness the true power of data and analytics to create measurable commercial impact.

Investing in the digital literacy of your leaders and data skills of your wider organisation is the difference between realising the value of your technology investments or falling behind in an increasingly competitive digital world.

What we do.

The true benefits of data and digital technologies can only be realised if employees understand and know how to use them to their fullest potential.

At Decoded we call this Digital Proficiency.

We look at Digital Proficiency across a spectrum: Awareness, Literacy, Fluency, and then Mastery.

We use these levels of proficiency to inform and define how our learning programmes can meet specific needs within our clients’ organisations.

How Decoded can help you.

For too long data and digital transformation have been the sole responsibility of a small group of experts

To become a truly data-driven business, a collaborative, consistent effort across all teams is now needed. Decoded can help your organisation achieve this through:

  • Rapidly transforming the digital literacy of your leaders.
  • Building a talent map of your organisation, identifying pockets of high-potential data talent.
  • Teaching everyone to embrace the languages and tools of the data world and, crucially, your own technology.
  • Quickly building a cohort of the most elite analytics talent made up of your existing employees.
  • Breaking down silos to ‘democratise’ data expertise and insight.
  • Showing your people how to ensure data is actionable, provides powerful insights and delivers real commercial benefit.


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