Decoded delivers upskilling programmes in data aligned to Data Technician Level 3 and Data Analyst Level 4 apprenticeship standards in England. Organisations can fund these programmes using the apprenticeship levy.

For practitioners based in England, Data Academy programmes can be delivered in the form of a workplace apprenticeship. These can be funded by your organisation’s Apprenticeship Levy.

We currently deliver two data academies aligned to the apprenticeship standards, Data Champion (Level 3) and Data Analyst (Level 4).

We have designed our Level 4 curriculum to be delivered over 15 months and the Level 3 over 13.

Our apprenticeship programmes retain all the features that make our Data Academies impactful, such as tech integration, live data, real-world application and mentorship. They have the added benefit of being externally assessed and accredited.

In order to qualify for Apprenticeship Levy funding, candidates must meet the government’s apprenticeship funding eligibility criteria which includes factors such as residency requirements. As part of our admissions process, we will assess each individual candidate’s application against the criteria to determine eligibility. We will also assess their suitability for the programme to ensure they are set up for success.

Data Academy Level 3

Data Champion

Decoded’s Level 3 Data Academy pathway is designed to turn data novices into data champions. By embedding a truly data-driven approach to a wide range of roles and functions, the programme raises the data literacy and skills of entire organisations.

Learners will gain lifelong proficiency in core modern data tools, such as Excel, SQL and dashboarding tools like PowerBI and Tableau.

Data Academy Level 4

Data Analyst

Decoded’s Level 4 Data Academy is designed to supercharge your data specialists’ toolkits with cutting-edge analysis tools and techniques. Master Python, deploy machine learning models, and tell impactful stories through data.

Learners will become proficient in Python, SQL, Plotly and dashboarding tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.

We’ve enrolled over 1,500 learners on Decoded Level 4 Data Academies in the UK, with over 95% passing first time and more than 50% achieving Distinction grades at November 2021.