Literacy. Fluency. Mastery

Our range of courses offer the right level of knowledge and skills no matter how digitally or data mature the individual learner or organisation is.

We help our clients develop a common digital and data language right across the organisation. This communal level of digital and data literacy is key to enabling cultural change.

Each of our courses are expertly contextualised to your industry, organisation or role.

We build in flexibility to the modality of our courses so that they can fit the needs and scale of your organisation.

Each of our courses has an inherent value or can be part of a learning pathway through awareness, literacy, fluency and mastery.


8 essential courses designed to turn business leaders and decision-makers into digital and data-fluent leaders. Facilitated by our technology experts who will contextualise the content to your needs and facilitate discussion and debate amongst your teams.


A series of virtually delivered microsessions designed to increase the literacy of large groups of 100+. Immersions are perfect for engaging your broader organisation around specific topics.


From basic tools to the most advanced analytical and engineering skills, our data skills programmes are designed to give learners industry-ready skills. You will be taught and mentored by data experts who will guide you through the skills as well as how to apply within your work environment. We design the duration around your needs, whether this is an ongoing year-long programme, an intensive bootcamp or a burst of micro-masters modules.


For those in the UK we run our skill products as Apprenticeship and so are fully funded by the Apprenticeship Levy in England. Contact us if you wish to partner with us for the delivery of apprenticeships in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


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