From the beginning


Decoded was founded on the belief that technology is for everyone. The founding team created_Code in a Day to empower people with an understanding of how the products we work and play with are made. Since 2011, we have taught over 15,000 professionals in over 70 cities globally.


Our Products


We use the word ‘product’ broadly at Decoded. For us, a product is anything from a little app that lets you create strong passwords to a 1000 person leadership event.

We build products that are inspirational, hands-on and simple. This means telling human stories, giving people the time to play, and making things clear, accessible and most importantly, memorable. Focusing on products allows us to  commit to continual improvement.

We couldn’t make these products without our people.


Our Culture


Diversity for Creativity

We have cultivated  an environment where we attract and bring together talented, driven and diverse individuals to work towards a single mission - make innovative technology education that is transformative for everyone.

We value that our people bring different cultures, backgrounds and personalities to Decoded and those differences shape how they think and the products we make.  


Lead & Learn

At Decoded we believe in purpose driven leadership. Everyone has the opportunity to lead based on their passions. That might be a drive to create seamless operations, cultivate meaningful client relationships or demystify the latest technologies.

“No question is a stupid question.” We say this at the beginning of every Decoded session because we value learning as a way of working together. Everyone has something to share, a story to tell - and we all have something to learn.

So whether it’s solving a problem, developing a product or building new business, at Decoded we accept failure as long as you fail fast and share your learnings.


Open Collaboration

Great things happen when people work together effectively.  It’s essential that we work as a team, listening to each other, having an open mind to new ideas and empowering one another to deliver excellence.


We see no division between Decoded and the businesses we work with.  Our process is open and collaborative, and we believe only honesty and empathy can create digital transformation.