How could someone hack into your company? One of the best ways to understand cybersecurity is to think like a hacker and try breaching your own defenses.

From the boardroom to your new hires’ inductions, everyone in your organization needs to know how to protect personal and professional data.

To unlock this complex topic, we flip the norm of cybersecurity education – from defensive to offensive. Using gamified learning to get you thinking like a hacker, participants connect with the subject through hands-on experience with the tools and techniques that hackers use.

Armed with this understanding, people can change their own behavior (which is the foundation of a more secure organization).


Boards and Leaders: Participants gain a high-level understanding of where organizations are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches — and how to safeguard against them.

General Population: Participants learn why cybersecurity practices are important, and what they can do to better protect their personal and professional data.