We are Decoded.

Founded on the belief that technology is for everyone.

About us

We are the pioneers of transformative digital learning.

We make change possible for those who are seriously committed to bettering their business by embracing technology. Our products and methodologies have been shaped through our collaboration with some of the largest and most technologically progressive organisations in the world.

We know what technology can do, and we want to teach you.

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What we do.

Through the intelligent, ethical and creative application of technology we are laying the foundations for a more productive and more promising world – one with unlimited possibilities.

We demystify the digital world and teach people how to collaborate with technology.

We run faster and go deeper than others, because we have grown hand-in-hand with the advancements around us. It's what gives us the edge in terms of the immediacy and impact of our educational experiences.

Our programmes have been designed to tackle the digital knowledge deficit head on and get people ready for the huge societal shifts being brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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